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Introducing LiftAgency Mobile


LiftAgency is happy to announce our latest area of expansion; LiftAgency Mobile. We're taking our expertise in both Mobile and B2B and over the coming months we'll be bringing a few really amazing mobile products to the market. 

Our first mobile product, LiftAgency MSE is a completely customizable Mobile Sales platform designed for efficiency, scalability and, most importantly, results.

LiftAgency Mobile


The HTML 5 Test Shoot-Out


Wondering just how well your browser stacks up when it comes to HTML5 compatibility? We were, so we took a number of devices (both desktop and mobile) and sent them off to to see how they performed.

Full disclosure; I realize that we really didn't give IE a fair shake here.. IE9 is about to be launched and should firm up the numbers and we didn't have a copy of the beta - though we've not heard great things.

Also the Blackberry score is from Blackberry 6 (not released yet) so take it with a massive grain of salt.

Here's the full size image


Inside The Apple + AT&T Debacle


Wired has got a must-read for anyone with even a passing interest in all things iPhone, AT&T and even Verizon. It's a detailed account without any direct names being used, of course. So settle in for some compelling reading and enjoy the warm embrace of industry gossip.


Read it at Wired


Consumer Reports Can't Recommend the iPhone 4

Apple's iPhone 4 was just dealt a fairly significant blow, from a PR perspective anyway, as it's iPhone 4 can't be recommended by the leading consumer advice group. Consumer Reports does rate the other (read: non-phone) aspects of the device higher than any of its competitors, but was able to replicate the pesky antenna issue and thus directs users to the outdated iPhone 3GS if they want to make calls in an area of questionable AT&T coverage and don't wish to employ a bumper case of stick a bit of tape on the side.

As just about everyone knows, Apple is working on a software patch which will help the iPhone to correctly display signal bars but hasn't confirmed the antenna issue as a hardware design flaw.


BlackBerry OS 6 Arrives in Video Form

Just when you thought Blackberry, with it's meager first place 41.7% market share, may have taken a back seat to iPhone and Android, they've released a new UI concept video. It's looking good, but is it really playing in the same league as Android, Palm and iOS?


Monkey Island 2 Lands on the iPad and iPhone


Nothing exploits the multi-touch interface better than a great point and click adventure. Thankfully LucasArts has taken it upon themselves to regard Apple's iDevices as a tier 1 platform, launching the re-worked Monkey Island classic alongside Xbox and Playstation offerings.

Here's all you need to click on in order to experience the best in adventure gaming;

The Monkey Island 2 review over at Touch Arcade

Download Monkey Island 2 for; iPad iPhone

Download Monkey Island for iPhone


Apple Sells 1.7 Million iPhone 4s in 3 Days


Apple today announced that the iPhone 4 is the most successful product launch in their history selling 1.7 million of the sold out devices in only three days. 

Read the press release here.


iPhone 4 Camera Put To The Test


Macworld just did a pretty exhaustive comparison of the iPhone4's new 5-megapixel camera and the rest of the latest super phones including the DroidX and EVO 4G. It's a pretty comprehensive run-down and features photographic evidence in addition to opinion. (The shot above, for example, is the EVO 4G's 8-megapixel camera to the left and the iPhone4 to the right).

"The iPhone 4 had, by a healthy margin, the best exposure and color scores of the entire bunch, beating out even the point-and-shoot cameras."

Read the full article here.


Reviews Of The iPhone4 Come In, Are Universally Great.


The quote that really summarizes things is simply: "We're not going to beat around the bush -- in our approximation, the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone on the market right now."

Let me just say that at this point in time.. we can't wait until tomorrow...

Read the full review(s) here:

Engadget - They Loved it.

Gizmodo - (reviewed by 'you')

AllThingsD - Loved the phone, not so keen on AT&T...


iPhone4 Orders Officially Arriving Early?

Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 10.15.44 PM.png

If you're waiting for an iPhone4 to arrive... your wait may be shortened by a day or so.. I just got this email (I pre-ordered the iPhone on the 15th).. it appears that the iPhone may be arriving a full day early.. despite what FedEx says. 

It's definitely not earth-shaking.. but it's decidedly non-Apple, isn't it?!